The beansidhe alchemist is a 501(c))(3) non-profit public charity educational organization, specializing in the technique The Art of Dream Alchemy, which guides students in the process of using their intrinsic perceptions, as shamans and Dream Alchemists. The dream image is perceived, as a motivational force of imagination to produce an artistic creation.


The beansidhe alchemist offers an educational practice in The Art of Dream Alchemy, an integrative shamanic training within the following areas of study: Imaging the Mythical Tale, Imaging the Mythical Art, Imaging the Mythical Music, and Imaging the Mythical Somatic Movement, drawing from elements of the dream image, archetypal motifs, and mythology.

Each area of study is an educational technique provided for students to connect with their own intrinsic shamanic psyche. The Art of Dream Alchemy is an integrative shamanic educational practice that uses an alchemical approach to writing a poem, short story, novel, creating visual art or multi-media elements, composing a song, as well as creatively choreographing somatic movements to music.

The beansidhe alchemist offers ongoing courses, workshops and private sessions in the technique, The Art of Dream Alchemy. A percentage of the proceeds from each course is allocated to a scholarship fund, which is awarded in December via a scholarship contest.

The beansidhe alchemist is committed to educational practices that honor imaginative techniques, which enliven the individual and collective psyche, as well as the wounds of the earth. As shamans and Dream Alchemists we will continue on the path of researching and creating practices that engage the personal psyche with the soul of the world.

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